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Enterprise-wide risk management old

The enterprise-wide risk management activities and framework would focus on the development and/or evaluation; implementation and/or maintenance of an integrated, holistic and enterprise-wide risk management framework, which would among others, take into consideration and/or implement the following:

  1. Current risks
  2. Emerging risks
  3. Unacknowledged risks
  4. Reputation risks
  5. Strategic risks
  6. Opportunities
  7. Risk financing (insurance) portfolio optimisation
  8. Physical risk management policies
  9. Legal and regulatory environment
  10. Risk management processes
  11. Risk appetite
  12. Risk event tolerance
  13. Risk-bearing capacity
  14. Risk maturity evaluation
  15. Risk registers


The focus of EMPOWERisk Management Services’ enterprise-wide risk management activities is to ensure business applicability and value adding and not theoretical requirements but considering best practice standards such as COSO, ISO and King IV etcetera into consideration.

Enterprise-wide risk management

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