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Physical Risk Assessment

Physical Risk Assessment involves a study of the results of any audits previously undertaken of the Company’s operational activities so that the results could be considered during the proposed risk-based assessment. In addition to this, we also undertake a high-level assessment of any material incidents that have recently occurred.

The objective of this is to identify the key risk areas that may have contributed to these incidents so that these incidents could be assessed in detail including the risk mitigation measures proposed, implemented, as well as to determine if the desired results are enjoyed by Your Company.

The key risk areas involved will among others be evaluated against the following benchmarks:

a. Employees’ behaviour towards health and safety including “practice what you preach” results within the operational areas.
b. General Administrative Regulations.
c. General Safety Regulations.
d. Environmental Regulations.
e. Facilities Regulations.
f. Pressure Equipment Regulations.
g. Electrical Regulations.
h. Driven Machinery Regulations.
i. Lifts, Escalators and Passenger Conveyor Regulations.
j. Hazardous Chemicals Substances Regulations.
k. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Regulations.
l.  Construction Regulations.
m.Certificate of Competency Regulations.
n. Major Hazard Installation Regulations.
o. Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations.
p. Asbestos Regulations.
q. Lead Regulations.
r. Environmental Regulations for Workplaces.
s. Disabled SANS standards.

Risks associated with the following items will, where applicable, also be duly considered as part of the physical assessment:
a. Current risks,
b. Emerging risks,
c. Reputation risks,
d. Unacknowledged risks,
e. Neighbours’ risks,
f. Access control and security,
g. Emergency planning,
h. Operational exposures.

As you can see our Physical Risk assessment goes in-depth and is an extremely important aspect of governing risk.

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